Thursday, September 10, 2015

Harper announces that he will soon announce improvements to Syrian refugee plan that has been announced innumerable times already

It's the classic Harper strategy; bury the 'tards in a blizzard of announcements and hope they don't notice that you're not actually doing anything.

Our shipbuilding programs are a prime example. Big Steve has announced various iterations of our shipbuilding program for at least ten years, each accompanied by much theatrical posing and fanfare. Have any ships been built?

The Harper gang doesn't have a shipbuilding program. They have a shipbuilding announcement program.

Likewise with our program to assist Syrian refugees. We're gonna take in thousands. Months later, another announcement; we're gonna take in thousands; a few weeks later; we're gonna take in ten thousand more Syrian refugees. Over three years. After they've cleared security background investigations. Maybe...

Then the infamous Aylan Kurdi photo goes viral.

Harper announces that we are committed to what he's been repeatedly announcing. Unfortunately, those comprehensive background checks pretty much disqualify Syrians.

But don't worry; yesterday Harper announced that there'll be an announcement coming soon about speeding up the processing of would-be Syrian refugees.

I'm sure that news is music to the ears of the millions of Syrians caught between Assad's anvil and the Islamic State hammer.

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