Saturday, September 19, 2015

Who's hand moves local talent to the big stage?

Or should that be "whose hand?"

It is one of the abiding incongruities of the English language.

Who's or whose?

I come to this as an ELL.  That's an "English Language Learner" in case you're not acquainted with the latest edu-babble.

Yes, as regular readers of this blog have long suspected, English is my second language.

I'm illiterate in my first language too...

But be that as it may, what I'm wondering about today is how the local garage band gets on the world stage.

I'm pondering this after a spell of watching videos of some of my rock and roll idols.

You're watching this or that video of whatever rock and roll icon, and you find yourself saying "I could do that..."

Or even better, "I did that at the Queen's Hotel in Elmwood ten years before the Rolling Stones made it famous!"

There you go; the music business is just another business.

Good management trumps great talent every time...

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