Thursday, September 3, 2015

When your conscience doesn't allow you to do your job, you need to get a new conscience or a new job

I see where Rowan County clerk Kim Davis is maxing out her 15 minutes of fame with her principled stand against gay marriage.

That's all hunky-dory, but what the extreme right fundy set is doing here is creating an icon out of someone who should just be ignored.

I'm a principled pacifist, but my gig at Saint John Shipbuilding, building warships for the Royal Canadian Navy, was one of the best I ever had.

Those frigates were gonna get built whether I got a paycheque out of it or not. Just like same-sex couples in Kentucky are gonna get hitched whether Kim Davis approves or not.

Kim, I respect your stand on principal. At the same time, if it's all that important to you, you need to do the right thing and fall on your sword. By which I mean, quit your job.

Being a public servant doesn't entitle you to grandstand on behalf of archaic religious beliefs.

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