Friday, December 19, 2014

Bibi whips out Holocaust card to shame EU

Netanyahu nearly shit himself when the European Court voted to delist Hamas from the international terror list the other day. It took one hell of a lobbying drive to have them put on there in the first place.

All that hard work for nothing!

What this story makes plain is that the days when the Holocaust could be invoked to automatically justify any and all Israeli crimes are coming to an end.

This would of course come as a shock to Israel's political elite. Heretofore the Holocaust card has never failed to work its magic. Whenever international opprobrium about Israel's egregious land-thieving and human rights abuses gets too loud, whipping out the Holocaust card has automatically granted the moral high ground to the apologists for Israel's misconduct.

The greatest leader since Moses just found out those days are over.

Instead, those Europeans are now asking what a Nazi pogrom three quarters of a century ago has to do with Israel expanding illegal settlements in Palestine today.

Good question.

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