Friday, December 19, 2014

Victimology 101 at Dalhousie

I've always been a little suspicious of dentists, especially after seeing Marathon Man. Really, there's folks who want to spend years in training just so they can spend their working lives looking in my gob and figuring out what I had for dinner yesterday.... YUK!

Dentists have incomes and suicide rates that are both well above average. What does that tell you?

So while I'm beyond thrilled and delighted with my own dentist these past four or five years, Doctor Bob, I'd hazard a guess that folks who heed the call of dentistry are not necessarily the most well-adjusted people on the planet.

I wonder about proctologists too. Same deal; they're just at the other end of the pipeline.

But this flap at Dalhousie University is another matter entirely.

In a nutshell, this is about a bunch of not-too-mature young males impressing one another with their lurid fantasies about what they'd like to do with/to their female colleagues. They're dentistry students. Their fantasy life is their sex life.

They may be pathetic wankers today, but someday they might grow up into responsible Mercedes-driving professionals who raise solid middle-class kids and pay their taxes.

In the meantime, they are indulging in some immature sexist banter of the sort that immature males have exchanged in locker rooms throughout the world since the beginning of time.

"Ya, I'd like to give Mabel a double dose of chloroform and bone her up the ...."

At which point one of the speaker's mates would most probably chime in, " ya, good luck Bernie, it's gonna take at least a triple dose before somebody as ugly as you bones anybody anywhere..."

That used to be considered locker room banter.

The Dalhousie dolts, being perhaps not the sharpest tools in the Dalhousie Dental School tool-kit, had the poor judgement to put their locker room banter on Facebook!

Bad call...

The CBC News is now treating its listeners to frequent interviews with "victims" who claim they no longer feel safe at Dalhousie or in dentists' offices...

They want the naughty would-be dentists expelled from the university and expunged from their chosen profession.

I think that's a bit over the top.

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