Monday, December 29, 2014

The first order of business is to keep yourself in business

That's a game the Carlyle types have mastered.

When your business is selling guns and bullets and bombs and rockets to the people who need guns and bullets and bombs and rockets, and half of your board of directors are or were State Department bigs, then it's not hard to see how a lot of folks in Washington have a vested interest in stirring up and stringing out violent conflict all over the globe.

Forget the horseshit about the city on the hill; America has become the purveyor par excellence of death-dealing hardware around the world. Apparently they have easy payment plans to go with the hardware. Not ready to pay cash up front?

No problem!

101 international institutions will be more than happy to find a way to allow otherwise bankrupt failed states to spend billions in Uncle Sam's great weapons bazaar! 

As long as you've got something valuable in the ground, be it oil or gas or rare earth metals, Uncle Sam's got a financing package for you!

No credit? No problem!

Money is never an issue! Here in Uncle Samistan we just print more of the stuff when the fundamentals don't add up! 

After all, spending more on guns and bombs than all our "enemies" combined has to count for something!

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