Saturday, December 13, 2014

Neglecting the future, celebrating an imaginary past; Canada goes koo-koo for monuments and memorials

The paint is barely dry in the brand-spankin'-new Canadian Museum for Human Rights, when the next memorial to the suffering of others is already creating a flap. Apparently victims of communism were not adequately represented in the Museum for Human Rights, and are therefore due to get their own memorial in Ottawa.

As the article points out, the architect community is somewhat divided re the merits of this monument to Canadian self-importance. Frankly, I'd like to see the tax-payer community get riled up about building politically motivated memorials all over the place.

And why a memorial in Canada for victims of communism? Yes, people suffered and died under communist regimes. People have suffered and died under many types of regimes, including our type. When is the memorial coming for the Vietnamese victims of America's war in Indo-China?

Anyway, after the victims of communism get their own memorial in Ottawa, it only stands to reason that the Chosen People get their own Holocaust memorial in Ottawa, and sure enough, that's coming too!  Nevermind that virtually the only connection between Canada and the holocaust was our denial of refugee status to Jews fleeing Hitler; we're all aboard the Holocaust Memorial bandwagon 75 years later! (approximately 250 Holocaust Memorials or Museums worldwide and counting...)

But wait! The Harper brain trust has fabricated a personage called "Mother Canada," who is scheduled to get her own 10 storey memorial in Cape Breton!

I can just see how this is gonna fly with the locals...  Lard tunderin Jeezus! The fuckers got a hundred million to piss away on a gawdam statue and meanwhile theys cuttin back me pogey check the gawdam fuckin bastards... fuck Ottawa anyways!

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