Sunday, December 7, 2014

The cynical hypocrisy of Canada's new prostitution law

As with all professions, prostitution is subject to a fairly rigid hierarchy.

At the top you've got a relatively small number of young women and sometimes men who specialize in an elite clientèle, people who are prepared to pay thousands of dollars for the company of one or more attractive youthful companions. This is where you meet folks for whom their prostitution career was a rational choice.

Then you've got your middle-class, folks who work from massage parlours, with escort services, or out of their own homes. They too look at their craft as a viable career option.

The base of the pyramid is comprised of the stereotypical street-corner working girl who needs money for her next hit of whatever. This is where exploitation, abuse, and addiction run rampant. This is the cohort most in need of legal protection.

So the Harper gang, stung by last year's Supreme Court ruling against the old prostitution laws, has brought in something just as toxic.

Yup, prostitution is legal.

But buying the services of a prostitute is not.

Nor is advertising.

Nor is any discussion about a price for services.

Obviously, the new law entrenches everything that was wrong with the old law, which the Supreme Court struck down, which may give you some insight as to why Harper is so determined to fiddle with the make-up of the Supreme Court.

I recall visiting the cities of Hamburg and Amsterdam back in the early seventies. Both cities had neighbourhoods in which any imaginable sexual service was available for a price. The sex workers were considered legitimate citizens who paid taxes and were part of their community. That's the exact opposite of what the Alliance Church crowd in Ottawa hopes to achieve with this latest law.

We want to further marginalize the most dis-enfranchised members of the community.


Well, if you're part of the Alliance Church crowd, you already know the answer;


If the Harper gang can rig the Supreme Court with people who see it that way, they'll be home free for the next thirty years!

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