Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Why "failed" UN Palestine vote should be a wake-up call for Israel and her US enablers

The headlines about today's failed Palestinian statehood vote in the UNSC are more than a little misleading.

In fact, eight Security Council members voted FOR the statehood resolution, and only two voted against. UN rules require nine yes votes to pass a resolution.

So the pro status-quo crowd had a really close call. If only one of the abstaining countries had voted aye, it would be a whole 'nother ball game tonight. Let's have a quick look at the abstainers.

Lithuania. There's a perfect example of a little country that can't. A darling of the neolibs, Lithuania under its current regime can be expected to remain firmly in Obama's back pocket, and even more firmly in the back pocket of whichever Republican takes the reins from America's first Black President... like America's second Black President, Ben Carson, currently on a tour of the Holy Land to polish up his pro-Israel bona fides?

Nigeria. There's a big country that can't, and also a big country in really deep doo-doo. Nigeria is the failed state par excellence. The ultimate kleptocracy, Nigeria is headed for a fiscal cliff a little faster every day that oil remains under $100. The only reason the country will not completely implode is that the elite have done such a thorough job plundering the oil wealth, that the impoverished masses will never realize that the party's over! If anything like authentic democracy prevailed in Nigeria, the Nigerian vote would have gone aye.

South Korea. Well, everybody knows whose back pocket Seoul is in, but their turn on the Security Council is over as of tomorrow. They will be replaced by Malaysia, a country that is 60% Muslim. Any bets where that vote will go next time round?

Rwanda. Another pliable US/UK lackey state, Rwanda is out the door of the UNSC the day after tomorrow too, to be replaced by Angola. Any bets on where that vote will go?

So in all likelihood, had today's vote been deferred a week, we would instead see this headline;

US vetoes Palestinian State!

Well, would not a stink ensue then?! Especially at this particularly sensitive moment in time, when the Yanks desperately need that Arab beard for their latest assault on Iraq and Syria? Yes, as long as Washington can point to some lame-duck Arab dictatorships as their "partners" in the war on Islamic State, all's well that ends well, at least for now, in this latest imperialist adventure that surely won't.

Wake up folks!

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