Sunday, December 28, 2014

Let's destroy police unions once and for all

Can you see where things are going with all this anti-cop ranting and raving?

Cops are cops. In some places more of them happen to be white than black. In other places they are more often black than white. Up in Winnipeg Manitoba, a black dude just became the first black dude to lead a major police department in Canada.

Being a cop is a shit job. Ya, being turned loose with a Glock and a Harley sounds cool enough, but read the fine print.

There's a shit-load of retarded laws that you are expected to enforce.

That kid blazing a doob outside the 7-11?


Unless of course you happen to be a cop in Colorado or Washington State, in which case that kid is 100% in the right.

Which makes Colorado and Washington anathema to the prisons-for-profit crowd.

And that's a crowd that has some serious schlep in Washington. If you can't throw a 18 year old nigger in the tank for 25 years for smoking a doobie, the entire prisons-for-profit business model is gonna go for a complete shit!

Which is why I'm a little perturbed by what the NYPD guys are doing.

Ya, it might be a nice gesture of solidarity to give de Blasio the finger, but what comes after that?

de Blasio is in his heart of hearts a union guy. He's OK with a unionized cop making 90k. You seriously want to turn your back on de Blasio?

Well officer, there's tons of folks out there who would be more than happy to make policing just another min wage shit job.

Keep showing de Blasio your backs, and your worst nightmares will come true.

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