Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jeb jumpstarts White House run

Former Florida Gov Jeb Bush let a carefully choreographed media plum drop from his lips the other day; he "might" consider a White House run for 2016.

I'd say that's a full-on declaration of intent.

Good! There's been a certain amount of reticence in getting the 2016 fires burning, which leaves guys like me with a shortage of stuff to write about.

But we have a long way to go before we reach cruising speed.

We need some colourful characters, like the quintessential carpetbagger the Newtster, or his slightly brown doppelganger the Herminator, before this horse race becomes interesting.

Till that Bridgegate fiasco I truly thought The Christie Doughboy would be in the mix, but he's pretty much bake-pan scrapings now. The Mittster could still declare, but he's forever tainted by that "corporations are people too" gaffe, and even though it may be truer than ever, it's not something that you want to trot out as a truism at election time.

Scott Walker and Rand Paul are too wet behind the ears to be taken seriously.

So for now, that leaves Jeb way out front.

On the Dem side, there's not much happening. If Hillary is truly the best they can do for the nomination, they richly deserve the dustbin of history.

Bill Cosby's political aspirations have been snuffed...

Both sides could do a lot to liven up this race. How about a Jesse Ventura run up the left side? Maybe bring Colin Powell aboard as VP - that would tick a few boxes!

Whatreallyhappened boss Michael Rivero recently announced his mission to save humanity, but I fear he has become too cynical to be anything but a 3rd party candidate. Still, he's a guy who has a high media profile, and that'll matter going forward.

Alas, I'm getting ahead of myself, speculating on dark horses left, right, and in the margins...

Let the games begin!

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  1. Holy shit! I didn't even see Trump on the horizon when I wrote that!... sometimes hindsight is a kick in the balls.