Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ghosts of Christmas present...

This was the very first time that the clan has got together on Christmas Eve without the presence of my dear mother.

We got together at the home of my successful brother, the one who didn't go to university.

That's not quite true.

He got into McGill on an athletic scholarship. The folks delivered him to Montreal in their motor home. They took the scenic route back to their base in South Ontario... and he was back home before they were!

He has prospered ever since, without benefit of post-secondary education.

Tonight he and I were crammed into the same smallish sofa, and we were doing the usual Christmas carol routine we always do, and we were about to unleash one of the German classics, and he says, "oh shit, Mom used to sing this to me... it's gonna make me cry!"

So we start singing, and he starts sniffling...


Well, that just got me started...

So before you know it, there's more sniffling than singing.

I had to excuse myself before I completely lost my composure.

It just ain't the same without Mom.

Happy holidays!

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