Friday, December 12, 2014

Canadian Navy bans booze

In an apparent attempt to cement their reputations as the Milquetoasts of the High Seas, RCN brass has decreed that henceforth booze will not be available shipboard while at sea.

The reason?

Last summer, while the HMCS Whitehorse was not at sea, but tied up in San Diego, three of the laddies got involved in some shit-faced assholery ashore.

Like that's the first time that's happened in the history of seafaring!

Such a shameful disgrace demands serious repercussions, and the knobs in the control room have come up with a brilliant policy that is guaranteed to put an end to drunken shore-leave shenanigans once and for all...

Ban booze while at sea!

Ya, I don't get the connection either... I guess once you've been to officer training you are privy to a higher level of logic that simply eludes the rest of us.

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