Monday, December 8, 2014

Harper's warrior cabinet works overtime to escalate tensions with Natives

The First Nations Financial Transparency Act, brought in by the Harper gang last year, was supposedly for the benefit of First Nations citizens, so they could be assured that their leadership was spending "their" money responsibly. Ironically, that bestows on Canada's native leaders a far higher standard of fiscal prudence than what Ottawa is bound by!

Of course, it's not at all ironic once you focus on the real reason for the FNFTA; to shame and undermine native leadership by publicizing their alleged fiscal malfeasance. Harper strategists cleverly crafted this odious bit of race-baiting to win votes among that segment of the populace who are wholly ignorant of their history as colonizers, and will reflexively salute any measure that puts the squeeze on "those lazy Indians."

Over 90% of First Nations have complied with the demands of the legislation, and frankly, scandals have been scarce indeed. In fact, most First Nation leaderships are far more law-abiding than the PMO. That's why Big Steve's brain trust is now taking the fight to the next level; the White man's legal system!

That should scare up a few more scared votes from racist Canadians in time for the next election!

"Hot damn, Tilley, at last somebody's doing something about those greedy thieving natives!... I'm votin' for Harper and you're gonna too!"

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