Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Paranoia in the USA

The NRA types who read this blog have nothing to worry about; I'm not going to make the tragedy in Idaho into a screed for gun control.

But let me take a shot at making it a screed for common sense.

How is it possible that you can't go shopping, at Walmart, without taking your gun?


Hell, they don't even have black folks up there; what is there to be afraid of?

According to various media reports, carrying a gun in Idaho isn't about protection. No, it's just about something called "gun culture."

I've been to Idaho, and I have to say that the cross-section of folks I met were just decent working folks who you'd love to have as friends or neighbours. They didn't strike me as "paranoid."

And since you're not paranoid, and you've got absolutely nothing to fear from a trip to the local Walmart, why not leave the gun at home?

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