Saturday, December 13, 2014

Screwing Canadian workers to help Microsoft screw American workers

Here's a new twist on the "Temporary Foreign Worker" scam. The Canadian government has granted Microsoft an exemption from TFW rules to bring in foreign workers for "training."

The reason Microsoft wants to train their foreign workers in Canada as opposed to India or Bangladesh or wherever, is to make it easier to get around US immigration rules by eventually getting them into the US on intra-company transfers.

And does the US need foreign high-tech workers?

No! Here's a recent story from US News and World Report that claims US colleges turn out twice as many STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) grads every year as can be absorbed by the industry.

So why does Microsoft need to import foreign workers into the US?

It's all about keeping wages low. IT wages in the US have been stagnant for 20 years. Flooding the workforce with foreigners delighted to work for ten bucks an hour will guarantee stagnant wages and a docile workforce in perpetuity!

Hey, Mr. Gates didn't get where he is by playing by the rules!

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