Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Canada to import thousands of skilled foreign workers instead of training Canadians

Here's a tragic tale that underlines what our government thinks about the future for working Canadians.

Well over a million Canadians unemployed, half a million foreign workers on the ground today, and we can read about a foreign conglomerate buying up Canadian resources and bringing in their own workers? And this is OK?

Where the hell is Hassan Yussuff and the rest of the Canadian labour establishment?


Liaising with their "partners" in the government?

Once we allow the foreign conglomerates to bring in their own workers, the Canadian working class is finished. Kaput. Done like dinner...


The point being, this nonsense about bringing in foreign workers should have been nipped in the bud years ago. As things stand, unless Yussuff and Co. figure out where their cajones are, Canada's infrastructure jobs will soon be farmed out to international labour brokers.

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