Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kabul theatre critic blasts anti-Taliban play

With a suicide vest!

This reeks of Western do-gooder-ism. What the Afghan people need most, after we've spent forty years destroying their country, is a heart-warming Western fable about the evils of suicide bombing.

It'll be good for them! They'll get to experience the thrill of live theatre!

It'll be a healing experience!

It is beyond high time that all foreign troops, including the ones who are staying after all foreign troops leave, get out of Afghanistan and stay out. Not a single "trainer," "advisor," or Western consultant is required by Afghanistan.

The Afghans have battled the best of the West to a draw over the past 13 years. Why do they need advice or training from us?

The tens of thousands of professional Western do-gooders and their NGOs need to follow.

Only when we respect Afghanistan enough to leave it to the Afghans can healing begin.

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