Thursday, December 25, 2014

Putin behind Sony hack

Rupert Murdoch's minions at The Times must have sensed a void in the sea of speculation around the now infamous Sony hack. The North Koreans must have been behind it, until they weren't. Or the Chinese. Or a disgruntled Sony insider. Or some underground PR lab retained by Sony to goose an otherwise lame movie.

Planet Murdoch has now put forward a new theory. Citing anonymous analysts, the paper has revealed that the hackers were Russian. And that can only mean one thing; Putin himself must have engineered the Sony job!

After all, regular Murdoch news consumers already know that nothing moves in Russia without the approval of the great dictator, that he is rebuilding the Soviet Union, and that he is bent on world domination at all costs.

Clearly, the Sony hack is merely the latest building block in Putin's campaign.

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