Saturday, December 20, 2014

Top twit oversees 400+ Twitter accounts

Bullshittin' Baird never fails to surprise. According to this story in the Globe and Mail, Baird's Department of Foreign Affairs runs an impressive 400+ Twitter accounts!

Twitter; propaganda for dummies! The media platform for the content challenged... 140 characters is a lot when you have nothing to say...

Apparently Mr. Baird is also branching out to Buzzfeed, because rampant Twitter addiction does not, in itself, trivialize Canada's foreign policy sufficiently.

So far Baird's minions have only used Buzzfeed a couple of times, to take gratuitous pot-shots at Iran and Russia.

The Russia post last week is particularly embarrassing. As the Canadian dollar swoons to five year lows, Baird uses sophmoric sarcasm to chide Russia on the the decline of the ruble. Shouldn't senior Canadian politicians be using their time to solve Canada's problems, instead of publicly gloating over the problems of other nations?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the UN General Assembly just voted 170-6 to have Israel compensate Lebanon almost $1 billion US for the environmental disaster that ensued when one of Israel's "hard slaps" against "terrorists" blew up an oil hub on the Lebanese coast.

You can pretty much guess who the six naysayers were; Israel, the US, Pacific powerhouses Micronesia and Marshall Islands, Australia, and of course Canada.

That's  embarrassing.

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