Monday, December 29, 2014

They hate us for our freedom to rape their children

Turns out W only told us half the story when he famously remarked that "terrorists hate us for our freedom."

Seems the rest of the story has been effectively suppressed until now.

This isn't going to cause a lot of outrage in the Arab world; they've lived with their outrage for years. That's why ISIS has no trouble finding recruits. This story has been old news in the Arab street for ten years.

It does however come at an awkward time for America's reinvigorated war on Iraq and Syria. It's not so much awkward for the US as it is for America's Arab allies.

It's really tough to sell your illegitimate government in Jordan or Bahrain or Saudi Arabia (to mention just a few) to your people when you're up to your neck in colluding with the world bully who steals your resources and rapes your children.

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