Sunday, May 26, 2013

American workers lead developed world in race to bottom!

Who says America has lost her leadership role in the world?

Where else do workers put in a full day for the equivalent of about four euros an hour?

Of course there are lots of places where working folks make less... Zimbabwe, Haiti, Slovenia... but when we look at wages in the so-called developed world, American workers are clearly heading for third world status.

Fast food workers held another protest in New York City today, where the Captains of Commerce apparently think seven bucks an hour is a living wage.

The folks making that seven bucks an hour know better.

These would be the same Captains of Commerce who are reverentially fawned over by the business press for figuring out how to avoid paying taxes in America. The same Captains of Commerce who would be outraged if their seven and eight number pay packets were seriously taxed.

The same Captains of Commerce who truly believe that they are entitled to more every year than what their lowest paid workers will earn over their lifetime.

Right now Amazon workers in Germany are on strike. They already make three or four dollars an hour more than their American counterparts. Not only that, but the German workers get 34 paid days off every year.

So why are workers in other developed nations doing so much better than American workers?

Do you think the fact that they are far more likely to be unionized has something to do with it?

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