Saturday, May 18, 2013

Trouble-shooting the Allis-Chalmers 480

Or maybe it's an 840. I have trouble keeping numbers in order. I think it's part of the Alzheimer journey.

Either way, there is an issue with the Allis. Namely, she won't start.

This wouldn't be an issue except that the Farm Manager has a couple of chores lined up that are gonna take me ten hours with a shovel or ten minutes with Allis.

So I'm highly motivated to get her fired up.

Spent the entire day on it today. Except for that little break in the afternoon when I headed out back to do a little fishing in the creek. Found out that the beavers moved their dam about a hundred yards downstream. That means the water is a bit deeper upstream of the dam. Had one of the hounds with me, and the first thing she did everywhere I wanted to cast a line was jump in the water.

Took away the element of surprise.

Still, it was a good afternoon.

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