Monday, May 13, 2013

Research shows half of all teens DON'T text while driving

That's obvious hogwash. Virtually all teens who text, text while driving. If a teen has both a cellphone and a driver's licence, odds are they text while they're behind the wheel.

This research merely reveals that half of all teens are astute enough to lie about it when filling out a questionnaire. How do we know almost all teens text while driving? Because when do teens not text? For years they have been indulged while they text non-stop from morning to night. They text while in the bathroom for their morning ablutions. They text at the breakfast table.

They text as they walk to school. Those who ride their bikes or their skateboards to school text while doing so. Once at school they text before class, during class, after class, at lunch and on the way home. They text at the dinner table, after dinner, while doing their homework, while playing video games, and while watching TV.

They fall asleep with cellphones in hand, awaiting the next text message.

Teens text impulsively because it is an addiction. It provides a "hit" of social connectedness and acceptance. It triggers the brain chemicals that give them a buzz.

It makes them feel that their lives have meaning.

Do we seriously expect them to put the phone away when they get behind the wheel?

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