Monday, May 6, 2013

The fruits of freedom; a million people died so Psy could make "Gangnam Style?"

While they may not be held in quite the esteem as a bona fide European intellectual like BHL, you have to admit that some of those Harper cabinet types punch well above their weight, intellectually speaking.

Just last week we were treated to the insight that "the root cause of terrorism is terrorists."

Who knew?

The Harper gang is bent on remaking Canada as a "warrior nation," as opposed to the worrier nation we widely see ourselves as. To this end, many press releases have been issued and many millions of tax dollars spent glorifying Canada's contribution to any war that Canada, or any pre-confederation colonies, have ever contributed to.

Veteran's Affairs Minister Steve Blaney recently visited South Korea to celebrate the fact that Canadians punched above their weight in that conflict. Indeed, over 500 Canadians died in that war, or .05% of all deaths.

Yes, that would seem a modest contribution, but the Harper gang sets the bar quite low when invoking the "punching above our weight" metaphor.

Regardless of the scope of our contribution, it's good to know that it wasn't for naught; Blaney has informed us that without the struggle and sacrifice of the Korean war, the world would not have been blessed with the Psy pop-hit, "Gangnam Style" sixty years on.

Proving once again that while Canada's contribution to global conflicts has been mercifully modest, when it comes to bombastic rhetoric about that contribution, the Harper gang unequivocally punches above their weight.

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