Sunday, May 5, 2013

Canadian military building chopper fleet from parts vehicles

Hey, I know where they're coming from!

Good to see that Defence Minister MacKay has decided to exercise some fiscal prudence.

I mean that's why folks keep a parts car(s) or truck(s) or helicopter(s).

At this very moment I've got a couple Montana vans and a F-150 behind the barn, for when we need parts for the family fleet.

Every now and then you'll land a parts car that's in better shape than the car you're getting the parts for. That seems to be MacKay's good fortune.

Those used White House choppers are in better shape than the Canadian military stuff that they were supposed to supply parts for, so why not?

Mind you, it does raise some questions about just what kind of a mickey-mouse shit-show our Minister of Defence is running.

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