Friday, May 24, 2013

Connecting the dots between Apple and the collapse of the Skagit River bridge

Apple CEO Tim Cook informed the Senate the other day that he had no intention of moving Apple's 100 billion off-shored cash hoard back to America until such time as US authorities dropped their tax rates to the 2% his company pays in Ireland.

Not long after Tim was done delivering his ultimatum to the Senate Finance Committee, a bridge in Washington State fell into the Skagit river.

While the short-term explanation of the Skagit River disaster will focus on that unfortunate Canadian trucker, in the long term saner minds are sure to afix blame to America's non-existent infrastructure renewal program.

Tens of thousands of bridges in America need rebuilding. That will require many billions of dollars.

But American companies are given a kiss and a hug for figuring out how to offshore their revenues and avoid American taxes.

How will that mind-set fix the Skagit River bridge?

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