Friday, May 31, 2013

Stinkers to avoid

Postmedia Networks. This dog has had a bit of a rally lately. Don't know why. Perhaps the news of a pay wall stoked the share price a bit, but there's never anything in a Postmedia title that you can't get free somewhere else, so I don't see this going anywhere.

Facebook. Been holding its own in the mid twenties. That's a temporary aberration. There's still millions of teens using Facebook as their platform of choice for cyber-bullying purposes, but beyond that, Facebook has had its moment in the sun.

Bombardier Rec Products, or "DOO" as they so cleverly designated their stock symbol. As in Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, etc. This was an IPO designed to get the Bain Capital guys their money back for the third time over, and I have no clue what would motivate a sensible investor to park money there. Sea-Doos and Ski-Doos are the province of working class types with disposable income. Guys who used to be $30/hr welders at Caterpillar.

Now they're not.

Any Canada-based gold miner. Barrick is busy remaking itself from the world's biggest gold miner to the world's biggest bankruptcy. Centerra is busy motivating the plebes of Kyrgyzstan to overthrow their government. Hold your nose and take a little loss now instead of a bigger one later.

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