Sunday, May 19, 2013

Thomas L. Friedman burnishes his credentials as a complete PR hack

"The Yemeni Way" his latest bit of Pentagon PR is called.

And I have to apologize. Apparently those who live closer to the center of the universe were privy to Friedman's insights eight days ago.

Up here in the outer provinces we have to wait eight days for enlightenment.

But apparently Yemen is a textbook case in how to do democracy among the People of the Towel. Unlike some of those other Toweller states, in Yemen they are having extensive DIALOGUE.

Not only are the much-to-be-admired Yemenis much to be admired, they seem to have the benefit of American "democracy advisers" thick on the ground.

Hmm... dialogue, American advisers... what's missing from this story?

Well for one thing, Friedman has written an entire column about Yemen without once mentioning the word "drone."

A curious oversight indeed!

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