Saturday, May 18, 2013

More proof that the Olympics are bullshit

The other day when I was at the Tractor Supply Company store picking up one of those flame-throwers for the tent caterpillars, I noticed they had their air pistols on for half price.

Twenty-seven dollars for something that will kill a squirrel, scare a raccoon, and provide many hours of target practice plinking away at empty beer cans.

So today I'm sitting on the front stoop, and I've got various empty beer cans in the trees on the other side of the drive, and I'm engaging in random target shooting, when Junior comes out and gives me a look that says "aren't you a little too old to be playing with a toy gun?"

Well, maybe, but I know for sure what I'm too old for is taking attitude from Junior.

"Hey wise guy, did you know this is an Olympic sport?"

And it is. Air pistol is an Olympic sport. Wrestling is out but air pistol remains an Olympic sport!

And that's just bullshit!

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