Friday, May 17, 2013

Building world peace... one piece of greasy fried chicken at a time

It was well over a year ago that our international spy network here at Falling Downs uncovered the Iranian KFC.

We thought at the time, what a great way to build bridges to our "enemies." If there's one thing everybody can agree on it's that there's nothing like a piece of fried chicken!

Well, seems the evil-doers in Iran aren't the only bad people who like good chicken. The Gaza tunnel moguls are doing a great trade smuggling KFC into the coastal enclave right along side the Mercedes cars and the anti-tank rockets!

Enough already with the all-options-on-the-table nonsense. That doesn't impress anyone anymore... off to the dustbin of history with that foolish talk.

And let's instead set that table with a barrel 'o deep-fried chicken.

That will be a first tentative step to world peace.

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