Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Canada's top spy unmasked as fraud artist

Here's a story that is getting virtually no traction in the Canadian media.

Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, seen maybe smoking crack with black youths on a video that may or may not exist?

Tons of traction!

Some fat fuck in the Senate playing fast and loose with the spending guidelines?

Tons of traction!

But the top civilian overseer of Canada's spy agency, personally appointed to the position by Big Steve, fingered for major fraud... right next to nothing!

Arthur Porter was Harper's hand-picked top dog at CSIS. Privy to every national secret, and every NATO secret.

If the allegations are true, Mr. Porter connived with the good folks at Canada's premier engineering firm SNC Lavalin to defraud the Canadian taxpayer of tens of millions of dollars.

Said connivance took place under the watchful eye of SNC Lavalin Chair, anti-corruption crusader and occasional Globe and Mail columnist Gwyn Morgan.

That would seem to be a far bigger story than "Toronto Mayor smokes crack" or "Mike Duffy fudges expense account."

So where is the story?

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