Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CBC "exclusive" reveals that Ottawa is not capital of Eritrea

Last year the Harper gang issued an ultimatum to the Eritrean diplomats in Canada; stop collecting that 2% income tax from Eritreans resident in Canada or we'll send you packing.

Apparently the Eritrean diplomats don't take orders from Ottawa, and now the CBC has a scoop!

Those wily black Islamists are still hard at it! Still accepting those voluntary 2% tithes from their countrymen and forwarding them home, where they permit the government to provide the barest of social services and a rudimentary, very rudimentary degree of health care and education.

Canada's ultimatum followed similar demands in the US, UK, and Sweden, all countries that have a critical mass of Eritrean immigrants.

The irony is that Eritrea should be a good candidate for the recent Canadian initiative to piggyback "foreign aid" on mining projects. Canadian gold miner Nevsun owns the only gold mine in the country, its Bisha property, from whence it has dug well over a billion dollars worth of the metal since opening the mine in 2011.

Hmm... a billion dollars coming out; a 2% tax on the incomes of a few thousand cab drivers and apartment supers going in...

Who do you suppose is getting the better of that trade-off?

But the Harper gang is going to make things right by putting a stop to those 2% remittances?

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