Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The never-ending tragedy of Canada's First Nations

If you listen to the likes of Baird, Toews, Kenney, et al, Canada is a light unto the nations, a shining exemplar of human rights and human decency and justice for all, etc. ad nauseam.

The most virtuous by far of the Nations of Virtue.

But here's another manifestation of Canada's dirty secret.

First Nation children make up half of all Canadian children in foster care, even though native Canadians make up scarcely four percent of the overall population.

That's one of the revelations revealed by the latest "census" that wasn't actually a census, but merely a "voluntary questionnaire."

Obviously there's something wrong with those people...

Indeed there is. They are on the dirty end of four hundred years of systemic racism, institutionalized racism, casual racism, legalized racism, formal and informal racism, and just plain redneck in-your-face I-hate-you-because-you're-a-lazy-Indian racism.

Did I mention the racism?

The do-gooders and the hand-wringers will seize on this report as proof that we need more studies and reports and royal commissions and perhaps another "truth and reconciliation" dog-and-pony show.

We don't.

We need to give "those people" back enough of the resources that we swindled them out of so that they can rebuild their society on their terms, and the fewer white "experts" involved in the process, the better.

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