Tuesday, May 14, 2013

America's wimpy "free press" not wimpy enough

Apparently that's the view of Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder is in the hot-seat over the government's seizure of Associated Press phone records.

When your "free press" is as docile, malleable, toothless, and spine-free as America's, you would think that the power elite would thank their lucky stars and leave well enough alone.

This kind of brazen intimidation of the media was in the past deemed the purview of totalitarian states. Not any more.

And what secrets were revealed by the AP story that sparked this crack-down? Apparently the CIA nabbed a would-be undie-bomber in Yemen last year.

Luckily for the fate of America, he was nabbed before he could board a plane. He had access to a new and improved version of the exploding underpants that failed to ignite in the previous undie-bomber case.

This is what they mean when they talk about asymmetrical warfare. Our side has the biggest defence budgets, the biggest drone fleets, the biggest nuclear arsenal.

Those guys have new and (maybe) improved exploding underpants.

Uncle Sam better get his boot on the neck of that free press before their reckless reportage tips the balance in favour of our enemies.

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