Friday, May 17, 2013

Stars align to proclaim the ANTICHRIST

Yup, they have indeed.

The North Star is right there in Uranus... and the Antichrist is...

Puffy Duffy!

The Canadian media are doing their best to spin the Nigel Wright personal cheque for $90,000 as a "loan" to a hard-done-by senator.

That's how the Illuminati would like us to spin it.

Truth is, Puffy Duffy makes $5,000 per speaking engagement. That isn't exactly Al Gore territory, but it ain't small potatoes either.

That's on top of his Senate stipend and the accumulated savings from his stint as a top-drawer journalist.

Obviously Duffy could cough up 90 large if you turned him upside down and gave him a good shake.

In truth, that $90k from Nigel Wright was not a "loan."

It was a tribute.

The reason Nigel has multiple bundles of $90k in his socks drawer is that he was a made member of the hedge-fund mafia.

Which reveals the truth about Duffy. Godfather of the hedgies...

The Antichrist!

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