Thursday, May 9, 2013

I come from a long line of chicken-killing ARTISTS

Until I read this article ten minutes ago I'd gone my entire life assuming I just came from a long line of chicken-killers.

But no; apparently killing chickens is "art."

Hey, that's nothing... I've got a good friend who has had pictures of his pecker adorning the walls of more than one hitherto reputable art gallery...

A hell of a lot depends on context in the world of art.

Where my folks came from, essentially being born into serfdom on the estate of Graf Kiss-Mein-Arsch in the Germanic provinces of Poland, if you didn't want to be a vegetarian you had to kill something.

That didn't necessarily make you an artist.

But you got to eat meat.

Those where simpler times...

The folks brought their old-world ways to the new land. Seeing my dear mother axe the heads off chickens was a regular part of my childhood. You can understand why we immigrants were viewed with a certain trepidation by the other folks.

I suppose it's not much different than how we now view the folks who slaughter a baby sheep in their bathtub on the 17th floor of their apartment building in Brampton at their high holidays.

Anyway, we gradually assimilated; my dear mother has been buying chickens at the grocery store for decades now.

So fast forward to today, and killing chickens is art!

At least at the Alberta College of Art and Design.

I'm in. Hell, this is at least as meaningful as Serrano's gambit with that plastic crucifix. And it vastly out-ranks anything Damien Hirst has done in the past twenty years.

The dullards who run ACAD obviously didn't get it. Artist Miguel and his teacher, veteran instructor and established artist Gord Ferguson, have been given the heave-ho by the Alberta art college.

It's not the first time that chicken beheading has become newsworthy... google "Miracle Mike."

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