Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Canada leads NATO nations in declaring Taliban an official terrorist entity

All informed observers acknowledge that for peace to come to Afghanistan the West must negotiate with the Taliban. In fact, there are negotiations about negotiations going on right now in Dubai.

So what's up with this exercise in grandstanding by the Government of Canada?

Also of interest is that the announcement apparently comes from the office of old Vic Toews, the Minister of Public Safety, rather than from the Department of Foreign Affairs where it more properly belongs.

Could it be that this is just another manifestation of sour grapes due to the fact that the Taliban ran the Canadians out of Afghanistan?

Who can ever forget the big talk from General Rick Hillier at the time Canada's Afghan mission was announced; the Taliban were "scumbags and murderers" and Hillier and company were going set things right pronto.

There followed several years of bold pronouncements about punching above our weight, and, reiterated many times; we're not the type to cut and run.

Then the Canadians cut and ran.

But they're still talking above their weight.

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