Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Senator McCain on the warpath

John McCain made a secret visit to Syria yesterday, there to meet with Free Syria Army officials who also had to be surreptitiously spirited into Syria in order to stage their photo-ops with McCain "in-country" as they say.

That's because the FSA "commanders" McCain met with don't normally spend much time "in-country," and they certainly have no command over the FSA units doing damage to the Assad regime on the ground.

They do however have neatly tailored and crisply laundered uniforms, at least in the photo-ops.

Perhaps because he was profoundly impressed with those uniforms, or perhaps because he has inadvertently begun to believe his own bullshit, McCain came away from the encounter convinced that the best thing America could do for the future of peace and democracy is to deliver heavy weapons, and lots of them, to the "Syrian opposition."

Just to prove that McCain's foray into the SFA PR sweepstakes didn't happen in a vacuum, headlines across the Western world have provided a timely resurrection of the claims that yes, Assad has once again crossed those red lines and used chemical weapons on his own people.

Which proves that even though the FSA has no clout on the ground in Syria, they still have plenty of schlep in the world of Western news media.

And it once again brings the aging Senator front and center in the "lets make war" sweeps. Nobody is hungrier for war than Senator McCain. He will go to his grave as America's number one war-monger.

Just what is it in his past that drives him to be America's number one uber-patriot today?

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