Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Another CP train goes off the tracks, but it's just a "little" oil spill

So don't worry about it.

Hatchet-man Hunter Harrison tells us CP Rail is "investing in technology to limit derailments."

Whew! In the nick of time, I might add!

Since he's axed 4 or 5 thousand of the guys who used to maintain those tracks I guess it's a good thing derailment-limiting technology is available to take their place.

Mr. Harrison has reaped a $50 million windfall since he climbed aboard Bill Ackman's plan to goose the share value of the venerable CPR.

Bill is doing that by firing all the workers and making the trains longer. Why did no one think of that before?

I'd guess because they were interested in running a trans-national railway in a socially and environmentally responsible way, which everybody knows doesn't cut it in this day and age.

Anyway, this makes it three spills in three months for Bill and Hunter and the little railway that used to could.

But watching the Bill and Hunter show has become a lot like watching NASCAR; we know "the big one" is coming.

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