Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2013 Peace Tour

We're walking by a little diner on the main street of Massey. There's a couple of bikes parked side by each in front. One of them has a map of the "2013 Peace Tour" on the saddlebags. A guy comes out of the diner, fully kitted out in over-the-road regalia, and of course I want to know about this peace tour business.


"Right there on the bags... "

"Oh, that's not my bike. He just parked beside me. Nice GPS though. That's a thousand dollar GPS. I use a hundred dollar GPS. Works fine."

You know what works even better? No GPS. Every year you hear about some schmuck who freezes to death because he allowed his GPS to over-ride his common sense and sally forth down some deserted logging trail in the middle of a blizzard... but I don't tell him that.

Besides, he was in Quebec City a couple days ago and needed to find a TD bank, and the GPS was a big help to him. I personally think that if you need help finding a TD bank in the downtown of any major city you might be a bit challenged. Either that or desperate to justify your GPS.

But no matter. We're chatting about the roads and the north and the traffic and what a shame it is that the parks are so close to empty when Peace dude comes out of the diner.

It's none other than California peace crusader Russ Faure-Brac who wrote a book a couple of years ago called "Transition to Peace." He's on a combination book-promotion peace-promotion tour on his Triumph Tiger. At least that's what he tells everybody.

What he's really on of course is a once-in-a-lifetime coast-to-coast and back motorcycle adventure!

Anyway, hell of guy, and I wish you well, Russ! No, I haven't read the book yet but it's on my list... as is a coast-to-coast motorcycle adventure.

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