Friday, July 19, 2013

The mind-boggling hypocrisies of Governor Rick Snyder

Rick Snyder rode into office on a Thatcherite charger proclaiming the usual grab-bag of certitudes we've all been too well acquainted with since the days of Ron and Maggie.

He would get Michigan working again!

Michigan would be free to re-invent itself!

Mr. Snyder won the Governorship of Michigan because on election day 56% of eligible voters stayed home.

During his campaign he assured the good people of Michigan that right-to-work-for-less legislation hadn't even occurred to him.

It occurred to him right after being voted in, and now the good people of Michigan are saddled with it.

Snyder knows that education is broken, and apparently the main problem is that society spends too much money on it. He had a secret team of consultants and advisers brainstorming how to get education spending down to $5,000 per student per year.

Obviously, if spending too much creates a shitty education system it can be improved by spending less!

Then a fund-raising video turns up from Greenhill School where his own kids go. The private school needs donations because the $20,000 per year tuition doesn't cover the expense of a decent education!

That's right! Poor kids in Michigan can get a great education for $5,000 a year. Sanctimonious Snyder's kids deserve better; at least four times better!

That should tell you something about Snyder's world view.

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