Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Zombies are everywhere

You know the ones.

Can't live without their smart phones and tablets. Go into withdrawal when they're out of range of a WiFi connection.

You see entire families of them in restaurants, Ma and Pa and the little zombies, all enraptured by their devices and none of them talking to one another.

They were all over the ferry that took us to Manitoulin Island last week. Hunkered down in the lounge with their tiny flickering screens, when outside the sun was shining and the spray made miniature rainbows as the Lake Huron swell broke against the bow of the boat.

Not that they noticed or cared.

Maybe this ironically labelled "social media" phenomenon is also responsible for the declining use of our park system. Who the hell wants to go camping when you can stay in your bedroom talking to your Facebook friends?

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