Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CNN moves to 24/7 Zimmerman format

That's right folks, they've made it official; you don't ever again have to miss a single moment of the biggest news story in the world; the Zimmerman trial.

Nevermind exploding planes in San Francisco, exploding trains in Canada, imploding governments in the Middle East.

CNN knows that the only story you care about is the one where that white dumbshit in Florida killed that black kid.

While young black males are by far the most likely to get shot in America, what makes this case special is that he was shot by a white civilian and not a cop or a gangsta.

Mind you, Zimmerman was an achingly wannabe cop, but he didn't have his badge yet.

So that must be why it's a big story.

The hundreds of black kids who have been shot down since Trayvon Martin are merely so many footnotes.

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