Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hundreds pour into streets demanding "Justice for Trayvon"

Even Obama's unprecedented remarks yesterday failed to motivate the masses to take to the streets. Justice for Trayvon rallies were sparsely attended across the country in spite of the presence of numerous high-profile celebrity types.

The Trayvon Martin case has from the beginning galvanized the media and the usual human rights entrepreneurs into a frenzy of fear-mongering.

There are many manifestations of America's systemic racism visible to those willing to see them, and none of them get the sustained saturation coverage this isolated killing of one black teen by an over-zealous wannabe cop has.

If CNN gave the kind of coverage they've expended on Zimmerman to poverty, homelessness, employment discrimination, the failed schools in black neighborhoods, and the outrageous over-representation of blacks in the criminal justice system, some of these issues might get traction.

CNN didn't, and they don't.

Every one of these issues is an infinitely greater threat to the welfare of black Americans than George Zimmerman was, and most black Americans understand that.

Which might be why they're avoiding these Obama-endorsed, media promoted "Trayvon Vigils" in droves.

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