Sunday, July 28, 2013

While the US talks tough, the Saudis talk to Tehran

According to this story out of Beirut, a Saudi delegation will be visiting their arch-enemies in Tehran shortly to discuss matters of mutual concern.

I would imagine their mutual concerns over Syria would be high on the list of mutual concerns. Obviously these backward people don't even respect the taboo against talking to their enemies! Who can imagine such a thing?

Instead, the Americans are boycotting the inauguration of the new Iranian president. After years spent claiming they couldn't deal with the outspoken fanatic Ahmadinejad, you'd think that they'd at least give Rowhani a chance, but no such luck.

Now that there's a more moderate guy in office, it's time to ramp up the pressure!

This Saudi-Iran meeting could be a sign that even America's staunchest Arab allies are recognizing that America's incoherent foreign policy is a threat to their well-being.

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