Thursday, July 25, 2013

What up with all these Canadian terrorists?

While we've never seen a successful terror operation in Canada, and the supposed "terror plots" that have come to trial have all failed the most generous of sniff tests, there's been a lot of hoo-ha recently about Canadians going abroad on terror missions.

Depending on what you read and where you read it, that gas plant attack in Algeria was the handiwork of a couple of Canadian high school students cum terror masterminds.

That in itself should tell you something. A couple of middle class Canadian kids fresh out of high school head off into the great blue yonder and within two years they are executing one of the most brazen Al Qaeda attacks in recent memory?

What that should tell you is that Al Qaeda is one easy organization to infiltrate. If it can be that quickly infiltrated by a couple of non-Arabic-speaking Canadian teenagers, how deep into the organization do you suppose the tentacles of Mossad or the CIA would reach?

Now we have Hassan El Hajj Hassan presented to us as another "Canadian" terrorist. He is supposedly linked to both Hezbollah and the bus bombing in Bulgaria last year.

Lebanon, like Hong Kong, is one of those countries where lots of folks like to keep a Canadian passport in the bottom drawer of the nightstand just in case things ever go too far sideways. It's considered an insurance policy.

Back when Israel invaded Lebanon the Canadian government paid to evacuate tens of thousands of "Canadians" out of the country, most of whom had never spent more than a few months here. Hassan seems to be one of that cohort.

I'm willing to wager that his ties to Hezbollah are as tenuous as his ties to Canada, but nonetheless this Canadian Hezbollah Terrorist story does make for a nice headline.

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