Friday, July 19, 2013

Detroit bankrupt but state government finds $300 million to subsidize new hockey arena

Gov. Rick Snyder says there's no money to help Detroit, nosiree, bankruptcy is the only answer. Don't be expecting a bailout ...

But it looks like he can scrape together $300 million to help a billionaire put up a new hockey arena!

Funny how things work in the world of the privatize-everything, slash-and-burn, union-hating economic fundamentalists who get elected on a promise to "fix" the economy.

Governor Snyder is riding at record lows in the polls and knows he won't have a chance for a second term, so he's in a rush to do as much "fixing" as possible before the clock runs out.

The New York Times reports that the vultures are already eyeballing the city-owned Detroit Institute of Arts for its $2 billion art collection.

And what a stroke of genius!

After all, Detroit is mostly a bunch of poor black folks. They need a Rembrandt for what? They probably think Van Gogh is a kind of running shoe.

And obviously, if they can't run a run-down city, forget about a world class art collection, so taking that burden from them and letting rich people buy the art would be a win-win!

Maybe a couple of paintings will be sold to cover that gift to billionaire Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch, thereby fulfilling the Bible prophecy, "to those who have much, much will be given."

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