Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The selective myopia of the "queer friendly" press

Why is it that any news story about Ontario Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne is more likely than not to mention that she is Canada's first "openly gay" premier?

Could it be that the media, almost entirely an organ of the neo-liberal right, seeks to mine the residual homophobia that might swing a few votes here and there?

The fact is that everybody already knows that Kathleen Wynne is gay and we don't need to be reminded of it every time we read a news story about Ms. Wynne, because NOBODY CARES!

On the other hand, the same media outlets never ever mention that John Baird is Canada's first openly gay Foreign Minister.

Baird gets a free pass because he is a stalwart of the most neo-liberal far-right government that Canada has ever had in the modern era.

And aside from an occasional crusade against a marginal player like Mike Duffy, that's not a boat the neo-liberal press is interested in rocking.

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