Monday, July 8, 2013

Dumbshits at National Defense sell Raytheon Phalanx guidance system for $37

Then buy it back for thousands!

By the way, calling one of these puppies a "gatling" gun conjures up images from old westerns. The Raytheon Phalanx sprays stuff that's half as big again as .50 caliber at a rate of 4500 rounds per minute!

I hear Terrible Ted's been negotiating to get one for his country estate, but apparently his Sheriff's credentials aren't enough to swing the deal.

But I digress.

Somebody did OK selling the dumbshits back their gear.

These stories don't always have such a happy ending.

There was a guy down in Mildmay who runs a place called Bill's Electronics. He's into the high-tech hardware, but he's a strictly legal by-the-book kind of guy.

Bill's down in Ohio one weekend back in the 90's and he scores himself a missile guidance system at a flea market for a few hundred bucks!

Brings it back across the border, duly filing the requisite paper work, glories in the high-tech glamour of his find for a spell, then puts in on E-Bay...

Well holy jumpin' doomsday!

Anybody who thinks that US security outfits don't operate in Canada should have seen this drama go down!

The jackboot of Uncle Sam was unleashed in all its splendour in small-town Ontario, about an hour and a half north of the border, and young Bill went straight to jail!

Took months to sort things out, and Bill came damned close to losing everything over what was a completely innocent venture on his part.

So congrats to the lucky purchaser of that Raytheon hardware, but not everybody who catches the dumbshits in a mistake fares out that well.

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